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About Digusti

An introduction to Digusti

The Netherlands were first introduced to DiGusti ‘s Italian delicacies in 2010. DiGusti's products are carefully selected and imported so that we might enjoy all the goodness of Italy up here in the north.

DiGusti is the result of an importer's out-of-control hobby. He wanted to share his passion for the authenticity of Italian cuisine with international bon vivants. By bringing DiGusti to the Netherlands, the importer hopes to inspire others to become as devoted to his pastas, olives and other delicacies as he is.

The taste of southern Italyingmar-berkhout-digusti2
‘Gusto ‘ is Italian for flavour, and there is plenty of that to be had in the region of Calabria! In its sunny climes and fresh air, fruits, vegetables and olives are allowed all the time they need to develop their rich, natural flavours. You can now discover those flavours in all of the products in the DiGusti line.

Showing respect for Italian cuisine

Our pastas and sauces are produced in a modern factory, but with the greatest respect for Italian gastronomy. Small-scale and traditional, so that justice can be done to the original Calabrese recipes. Now, you'll be able to enjoy these recipes beyond the borders of La Bella Italia.


DiGusti likes real flavours and honest ingredients. Our products are free of artificial additives and organically grown and harvested. Our whole line is traditional, lovingly prepared and of the highest quality. You will be able to taste that!

Customer care

Our range of products is carefully selected and often amended. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have any suggestions that might help us improve our service or assortment, we ask that you please get in touch with us.

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