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DiGusti offers you all the best of Italy. Small-scale farming and the use of fresh ingredients ensure that unique and authentic flavour. Our products will allow you to create the tastiest of meals and snacks in no time at all.

Below is some background information about the carefully selected range of Italian delicacies we carry:

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Cheese & salami

With drinks, in a sandwich or as a snack; DiGusti's pure and traditionally made cheeses and salamis are delicious for any occasion! Unusual about our mozzarella is its mild flavour, which makes it more accessible to novice gourmands. There is a mild and a spicy version of the DiGusti salami: something for everyone! Which one suits you?

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Do you or someone you know have something to celebrate? Would you simply like to share your love of Italian cooking? DiGusti has put together a number of culinary gift baskets, suitable for any palate and budget. Of course you're also welcome to make your own selection from our entire range of products. We will wrap your gift and take care of delivery to its lucky recipient.


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Jamie Oliver gift

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BBQ package Grigliata

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Truffels (Tartufo)

When it comes to mushrooms, truffles are the most delicate you can get. Near a little town called Sefro, we discovered a secret address in exclusive truffle products. DiGusti is the only retailer in Holland to sell them.

White and black truffle
White and black truffles each come with their own flavour. The black one has a strong juniper berry scent; the white truffle is known for its mild taste. DiGusti offers both kinds.

Luxurious truffle products
Enjoy our other luxurious truffle products too. We have a delicious truffle oil; the perfect base for your dressings or sauces. Impress your guests with serving our delightful truffle cr�me, truffle butter or truffle spread at the diner table.

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Traditionally prepared
DiGusti pastas are made with wheat flour from traditionally harvested wheat. Delicious and available in every shape imaginable.

Spicy variation
For enthusiasts and adventurers our pastas are also available 'chilli style', richly red in colour and wonderfully spicy.

Pasta for kids
Naturally DiGusti hasn't forgotten about the littlest diners. With amusingly shaped pasta resembling wheels, mohawks, radiators and mushrooms, any meal can become a party!

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Flavourful, sun-ripened tomatoes are the basis for all of DiGusti's sauces. The carefully selected ingredients and authentic preparation make each of our sauces impossible to resist. Grandmother's secret recipe may well have met its match!

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Olive oil

DiGusti's extra virgin olive oil is of unprecedented Italian quality. It is mild of flavour and retains all the natural goodness of the olive. This makes it especially well-suited to bread dipping and simple dressings as well as enriching cooked dishes.

Traditional and honest
This DiGusti olive oil ‘da agricoltura biologica’ has been entirely naturally produced, which does wonders for the flavour! This olive oil is completely free of pesticides and additives, leaving you to enjoy its full, gentle flavour worry-free.

DiGusti extra virgin olive oil is a real treat with a little bread and a pinch of salt and can really enrich your soups, salads and sauces.

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Pure freshness
A delicious Italian regional liqueur, made from the large lemons grown on the terraced gardens along the Amalfi coast. The mild Mediterranean climate gives these lemons their pleasing aroma and extraordinary flavour.

What makes our Limoncello stand out is the way it's produced without using any artificial aromas, colorants or flavourings. All you're tasting is 100 per cent pure lemon liqueur of the very highest quality!

Tip: Combine your Limoncello with traditional Babà. These are small, spongy cakes, especially made to be dunked in liqueur.

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A typically Italian regional product, these small, spongy cakes are drenched in liqueur before eating. Especially good when combined with Limoncello.

You are sure to impress your guests when you treat them to Babà!

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DiGusti is proud to offer three delightful Ciro wines, classified DOC and exclusive to DiGusti. The grapes used to produce these wines are organically grown in Calabrië. You have a choice of red, white or rosé wine, each of them a wine-lover's dream.

Read more about our wines on the order onlinepage and give them a try!

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Do you enjoy preparing original Italian pasta dishes? With DiGusti's herb mixtures you are sure to succeed! The herbs can be ordered separately, but we also have complete pasta-making kits on offer: everything you need for the perfect meal in a single package.

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